Slow start to Spring this year, but happy kids.

1 April, 2014 (05:31) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

Kids that were happy to see me this month, some I have been selling ice cream too since they were babies.

Kids that were happy to see me this month, some I have been selling ice cream too since they were babies.


Spring has been long time coming this year. Coldest March that Washington state has ever had. But last weekend these kids were sure happy to see me.

Off to a great start in 2014, Sewing up a storm this winter.

19 January, 2014 (07:26) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

I am so excited. I finally got my hands on an embroidery sewing machine.

Actually I bought one 2 years ago but it was missing some parts. I got the parts, and it worked for about a month. That was last spring.

Than ice cream season began, so I took it to the shop. It was there almost as long as I was selling ice cream. Long story.

Anyhow, I got it back in August, but didn’t really have a chance to sit down to do anything until October.

Actually I made a video of my first stitch out that tells the whole story. I will share it here as soon as I figure out how to get it on the computer from my phone. LOL

But it still wasn’t working so the first week of this month, I took it back. I had 2 year warranty on labor. You wouldn’t believe what they charge to service sewing machines these days.

They gave me a loaner, and it is so much nicer than the one I had. Has all these neat little features that mine didn’t. But it doesn’t stitch as big of designs.

But I am having a ball playing around and learning how to use it. I plan on having lots of interesting things for the kiddies this summer. Look what I stitched out this morning.

A custom design I ordered off of ebay to be digitized last summer.

A custom design I ordered off of ebay to be digitized last summer.

Wow, I need to spend more time on my website. LOL

8 December, 2012 (02:19) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

Well I stopped selling ice cream for the winter some time ago, it is taking me a while to update my site.

Part of the reason for that is we are sharing only one computer at home and with three teens or nearly teens in the house it doesn’t give me much time on the “puter” :)

I am really relaxing and enjoying some much needed rest after that long hot stretch this past summer and fall.

I will be adding more regular posts. I need to do some updating tonight.

Thanks for following and being a loyal fan and customer.



Last day of school surprised by the newspaper being there.

22 June, 2012 (18:48) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

On Wednesday I had planned to be at Levi’s school to give the 5th grade class free 1 dollar ice cream treats, each. I had set it up to be there at the end of there barbeque at 12:30. School dismissed at 1 pm.

When I got there, I saw a guy with a couple cameras hanging from his neck. I asked him if he was from the district or the paper.

They explained they were there for the tunnel of noodles by the teachers. You can read about that at this link:

Students leave for summer through tunnel of hope

The reporters started talking and were impressed that I was giving out 75 free ice creams. They were also interested in the fact that I was the ice cream lady who had her truck stolen on Christmas.

While I was serving the kids they took the picture and she had asked me ahead of time what my son’s name was and how to spell my name. I thought maybe there would be an article but wasn’t sure until I picked up yesterdays paper.

A cool treat for graduating fifth-graders

Twice yesterday a couple guys asked me if I was the lady who had my picture in the paper. One said, “I would recognize that long white braid anywhere!” LOL.


Truck Replaced, Hope to Have Paid by end of Summer!

13 June, 2012 (14:50) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

Laurie received a loan to replace her stolen Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck the end of April 2012. In early June, Lucas, the manager at Car Foss Audio in Tacoma, installed a car alarm on it.

It is currently kept in Laurie’s locked garage. It will be a while before she can customize it to make it a new “Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck.” To quote Laurie, “Before I can customize it or replace the customized fiberglass freezer, I need to get it paid off first.!”

Laurie delayed announcing it on Facebook and on her website, to quote her again, “I had to wait until I had the car alarm installed, I didn’t want to ask for problems by announcing it online without the alarm installed!”

She is so happy to be back in “little wheels” but she says that rather than get ahead this summer, it will be a challenge just to get it paid off. “There are so many factors that go into the ice cream vendor business, including weather, competition, just luck at finding customers in the right place at the right times,” Laurie says.

If you have a company picnic, birthday party, or any type of event that could use an ice cream vendor, please contact Laurie through this site and make a reservation to have her come to your event.

You can also make a donation to help pay for the truck and receive advertising in the Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck Times. The third issue was delayed, as Laurie was again waiting to make the announcement about the new truck. It is currently in the works, during this latter half of June, 2012. Contact Laurie for advertisement details.

New better picture of the Capri Sun, Kool Aid Jammer Coin Purses.

15 April, 2012 (07:06) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

Here is a better picture:

You can buy one for $5.

Each one is a little different. (disclaimer: purchase does not include coins in picture :o(

The link to order one through PayPal  is in the previous post.


The second issue of the Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck Times is out,

7 April, 2012 (04:06) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

The second issue of the Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck Times is out and being distributed while I am selling ice cream. If you want some copies for your business waiting room, please register and comment here and I will make arrangements to get them to you.

Also if you want to run an ad in the next issue, it is slated to be published around the first of May. Until the weather gets warmer, I am not attempting the twice a month schedule yet.

If you run an ad in the newsletter, we can also put it on this website.

You can download the first issue which was published on February 6, 2012 here.
Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck Times Vol 1 Issue 1
And the current issue is here:
Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck Times Vol 1 Issue 2

Also, if you could please save, Roaring Waters, Capri Sun, Koolaid Coolers, aluminum juice pouches, I am sewing coin purses with a keyring on them and selling them for $5 each. Not Minute Maid, they are too curvy, and hard to get to fit right.

The money from these is going toward the new tr uck purchase. I only need to make and sell 400 of them. I don’t want to have to buy that much juice for my kids. LOL.

I already have 2 dozen sewed, and 2 sold. So I only need to make 388 more and sell 398 and my truck will be in my GARAGE!



Kids, if you save up 10 and give them to me when I come through your neighborhood, I will give you a FREE $1 ice cream in trade for the juice pouches.

Not Minute Maid, they are too curvy, and hard to get to fit right.


Here is a picture of one filled with money. :o)

This one is still available, you can order it through PayPal and if you live in Pierce County, WA I will deliver it to you and sell ice cream in your neighborhood at the same time.

Here is a PayPal link:

 I have already figured the tax into the price.

You can also buy some in quantity, but they are each different, so I won’t be putting them all in pictures online, but you can pick out the ones you want when I come to deliver your purchase.

Every penny from the sale of these is going on the truck fund. It is “on layaway!”

I got a box of 600 zippers on ebay and they come to about 7 cents a piece. So all the future ones will have black zippers, unless someone donates me a bunch of colored 7″ or longer nylon plastic teeth zippers. I am also open to any donations of thread.

Thanks in advance.

The pictures didn’t turn out real great, I will try and get better ones outside in the sun tomorrow.



Using my van for the time being!

9 March, 2012 (05:21) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

If you are visiting this site after receiving my newsletter from my ice cream (van) this week in Pierce county, you will learn more about what happened to my old one here:

You can also read all the posts that have been made about the journey to get it replaced here:
There hasn’t been a lot of activity on this page recently, I am trying to look ahead instead of backward, but please like this page for me, and share it with your friends.

On the first link above if you scroll down to the yellow box, and click the titles, it will take you to all the news coverage on my stolen blue jeans ice cream truck, if you are interested in watching the videos and reading the articles.

Finally if you came here to buy a prepaid punch card, I currently have the links here, I will be working on a new page  with the updated details on how to turn in your totally used up the $15 of prepaid credit from your card, you turn it in to me for a free ice cream valued up to $5.

The new purchase page with these details will be here at Blue Jeans Ice Cream .com

You can also buy a prepaid punch card from me when I stop in your neighborhood in my current truck (van).

Here is a picture of what my van looks like.

You may notice my “in memory of” little blue ice cream truck vinyl decorations.

I hope that helps you recognize me over all the other “white van sellers” out there.

In a day or so, I will write a post about why “my white van” isn’t good enough for me as an ice cream vendor. I have strong opinions on selling ice cream out of a van, but currently I have no choice. :o This van happens to be our only family vehicle.  So that will explain why you see me driving it on rainy days and in bad weather too.


Welcome to Blue Jean’s Ice Cream Truck Times Website

27 February, 2012 (19:23) | Laurie's Posts | By: Laurie

Thank you for visiting.

You probably know Laurie from seeing her driving her Blue Jeans Ice Cream Truck around Pierce County Wa. If so, you may also know her truck was stolen out of her driveway on Christmas night of 2011.

This site is dedicated to having fun for the kids, creating a place where parents can come, and a place where businesses that are helping Laurie get back on the road in her own “little” three wheel truck, like the one that was taken from her.

So bookmark this site, register so you can be notified when updates are made, and stay tuned for all kinds of fun things to be announced and shared here, in the Spring of 2012.

Kindest regards,

Laurie Meade